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Friday, August 7, 2015 - 3:59pm

Belizean Breezes Soap Company Seeks Smelly People



Belizean Breezes Soap Co & More

Located in San Pedro, Belize is a MUST see shop!
Getting rave reviews from visitors and locals alike, Belizean Breezes has A LOT to offer and we DO mean a lot! The owner has been making all natural soaps for over 15 years and has earned the title, “master soap maker”.

Belizean Breezes pours well over 100 different scents of all natural soaps, all natural meaning NO animal products, NO chemicals or additives. Made from only the finest of oils and of course our own Belizean coconut oil which everyone knows is fantastic for your skin! The scents change often as new ones are created.
“Using the perfect combination of oils and essential oils makes the best soap and we make a large, yet fun variety,” commented Lynda Perdue. “We pour our soaps and our body products right here in San Pedro and have the capability of very large orders, we supply to resorts and vacation rentals and their guests rave about our products and come to the store to stock up before they leave Belize”.
Belizean Breezes does not get their soaps and body products from other sources and then “resell” them, instead they are in the studio pouring soap slabs and making super bath and body line daily.

Belizean Breezes soaps are made with coconut oil, argon oil, olive oil , grapeseed and shea butterl. The essential oils are high grade and again no animal products are ever used. Many don’t understand the soap making process of REAL soap; it takes weeks before a good soap can even enter the store to be stocked on the shelves!

“We start our soaps by pouring in large slab form, I design each one and some turn out crazy with vibrant color. Once the slab is poured it sits usually for 48 hours before it’s removed from the slab form to the first dry rack. After being on that first rack for a week or two, the slab is then cut to loaves, moved to the second drying rack and then cut to bars. The entire drying process can take 8-12 weeks and some specialty soaps can cure much longer, it’s a lot of work but it’s my passion and I love the creation process!”
In addition to the wonderful soaps, Belizean Breezes makes:

Foaming Sugar Scrubs that are coconut oil based for the most luxurious shower yet and they have a full line of every scent you could imagine.
 Organic shampoo? Yes they have those too for full bodied, clean hair without sulfates found in drug store shampoos that actually strip the hair of natural oils causing hair to be dry and unmanageable. Premium body lotions with shea butter are always on the shelf but tend to go as quickly as they are stocked!
Very popular are the Shower Steamers which are like bath bombs yet for the shower only; they are placed in the bottom of the shower and when the water hits them, they activate and create the most wonderful scents you can imagine. Many people put them in the corner of their shower and the shower steamer lasts a long time!
Bath Bombs galore! Drop one in the tub and enjoy a super skin softening scented bath!
Lip Balms? They pour them here with flavors like yes…Yummy Monkey Farts (Pineapple, mango and banana), Coconut-Kiwi and Blackberry to name a few. "We run out of lip balms a lot, LOL"
All Natural Body Spritzers - spray these on and smell sexy good all day long without the high price tag expensive perfumes can cost.
Activated Charcoal Black Soap! If you have any skin condition on the face such as acne or frequent break outs, this soap is THE fix! It actually draws away impurities from the skin keeping your face clear and blemish free!
Their all natural Mini-Micro-Derm Facial Scrub is a must have for weekly exfoliation leaving skin super smooth!
Cupcakes, scrubby cakes, pie slices and even mini Bundt cakes, all made from soap adorn the shelves at Belizean Breezes Soap Co and the owners are already pouring and getting ready for the upcoming holiday season. "Christmas gets VERY busy at the store with visitors buying soaps for gifts and we always go through a ton of our cupcakes, pies and cake slices". Our holiday gift baskets are always a big hit.
"We even make wedding cake slices of soap that our brides visiting here in Belize love. They can take a piece of their wedding cake home and scrub up with it later or save it for years to come!"
Belizean Breezes is also the makers of "BUG-AWAY" here in San Pedro, all natural and keeps the bugs from biting!
From gift bags filled with variety of little soaps to their famous variety of their "Goody Box" filled with soaps, lotion and body spritz, Belizean Breezes Soap Co is a fun place to visit and see but wait…there's even more.



The owner herself has always loved designing so they have a large and complete line of unique jewelry, many pieces Lynda makes herself from wire wrapped pieces to hand stamped items and detailed work with gems stones. You can spend a few hours just going through it all, there's something for everyone.

There's so much more to list at Belizean Breezes Soap Co and more!


















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