I’ve never wanted to wash my body with ingredients that were bad for me, could absorb through my skin and cause problems as I aged AND were actually aging my skin and face!

After years of research and making soaps, I perfected what we feel is the perfect blend for our soaps, scrubs and facial line.

Using only all natural products, I feel confident that I am not adding anything to my skin and body that I wouldn’t wash my family or any of my 4 children or 3 grandchildren with!

Once I realized that I was being “brainwashed” by the big name skin care companies who bombarded us with ads designed to make us buy their products with CLAIMS to rejuvenate, exfoliate and soften the skin all with the use of HARMFUL CHEMICALS, I knew then, finding the perfect combination for the soaps we make and all of our body products was the THE most important step in the creation of BELIZEAN BREEZES.

I know that you will find the same enjoyment in our products as we do and you too will both SEE and FEEL the difference!

We make all of our soaps and body products right here in Belize and although I love talking to each and every person that comes through our doors, I am often in the studio creating and pouring our soaps and body products but I do try to come our store in San Pedro  as often as I can( Usually daily!) to meet you and answer all of your questions!

I am usually in the store in the evenings after 5 pm and Saturday afternoons.

 I hope to see you on one of your visits!

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