Aspen Seaside-Where Ocean meets snow

Aspen Seaside-Where Ocean meets snow


Aspen Seaside. Our newest hit.

You asked for a bar that was great for the body as well as the hair AND a beard for the men?

Here it is! Both men and women love it!  Reminiscence of snowy places with a seaside twist, we call this one Aspen Seaside.

We started by adding fresh cut pine and crisp tart lemon. The cool and fresh scent of a clean breeze through a pine forest settling onto a beach far from the trees will be your next all time FAV with this bar.

A truly sexy scent.  We added the famous bentonite clay for super cleaning with NO residue along with a  touch of aspen bark and milled walnut hull.  You can use this one from head to toe.

You're welcome!

Belizean Breezes Soap Co.