Got A Burn-Aloe Lotion Soothe That Burn!

Got A Burn-Aloe Lotion Soothe That Burn!


Here’s a little education about aloe gel that you buy in a store.

Pure fresh aloe directly from the plant is clear and is a water consistency, in fact if you had a gallon of it you could simply drink it, it’s not green and it’s not a gel.

If you want superstrong all natural aloe, then you would want the entire plant completely dried and Milled to a fine powder.

That powder that can be added to a base to create the strongest Burn soothing aloe lotion out there. As long as the lotion base is not a greasy type base, holding in a burn, ( that’s definitely a no no )  and it is an all natural base and no color is added then you have a very strong Burn soothing aloe topical lotion that beats all others and THAT is what we make. 

All Natural, Entire Aloe plant, no additives, no gelatin to make you believe its a gel and no alcohol.



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