Green tea coconut milk shampoo bar DRY HAIR

Green tea coconut milk shampoo bar DRY HAIR

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SALE heres WHY: We made this with so much coconut milk that they like to break apart. NOT all of them, but most of them and thats NOT A BAD THING considering, the owner uses them ( being me) and I just stand in the shower and smooch them into a ball and they are fine. They STILL last about 4 months and still do the same wonderful shampoo. Because they easily break, we put them on sale to keep everyone happy   We made these larger! We packed these with lur natural coconut milk for hydration. For regular to slightly dry hair try our other shampoo barsApproximately 90 shampoos should last you a number of months! Ditch the plastic. Better for your hair made with coconut milk and no SLS wonderful thick foaming formula does not strip hair of color or natural oils leaves hair healthy and shiny. Don't forget the conditioner bar

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