“It didn’t have to be this way” A. perdue

“It didn’t have to be this way” A. perdue


Growing up as a young U.S. teen on a small caribbean island is a dream, but getting locked down on one can be a different story. Annelyse Perdue began writting when the lock down in Belize began, she documented her life for 21 months. Aspiring to head into the field of  Medicine-Virology and already completing numerous U.S. College courses at age 13, she researched the virus, the vaccines and human nature.

This is her paperback, now available across the U.S, Canada and Australia, in all independent book stores and libraries alike.

Available on Amazon, save money when you purchase it here.

$15.99 on Amazon, $13.99 here. All proceeds go directly to Ana.


"This book brings an understandable look into not only the Covid19 virus, but the disinformation, the information breakdown, the various vaccines and the effects COVID has had on people from around the world all from the eyes of a young U.S. teen living on a small island during the height of the Covid-19 breakout."


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