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Most bottled shampoos from a convenience store are filled with unpronounceable and complicated sounding ingredients. Have you ever heard of sulfates? These strong chemical detergents are found in household cleaning products like kitchen soap. They might give your shampoo a foaming quality that mimics a good lather, but they do not help your hair and scalp in any way. Scalp redness and irritation can be directly linked with the sulfates found in the natural shampoos many use on a regular basis!



All natural shampoo bars are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or SLS), the inexpensive chemical that can break and damage hair and leave your scalp feeling irritated. No one wants to be left with weakened hair, but we all have to keep our hair clean. Without the harsh sulfates found in typical bottled shampoos, all natural shampoo bars make cleaning a natural process, like it should be. You wouldn’t dump detergent on your head, so why would you use harsh chemical filled shampoos on your head?

Our shampoo and conditioner bars help to keep hair HEALTHY and with less hair loss.

Your hair will shine, become full again and be beautiful.


Coconut lime, beach time, coconut milk and green tea, mango tango please specify in your order.



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