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What You should know... STORE BOUGHT SOAPS! 

DIAL, DOVE, etc.


The owner has been making all natural soaps for over 18 years and has earned the title, “master soap maker”.


I am often in the studio creating and pouring our soaps and body products but I do try to come our store in San Pedro  as often as I can


Find our full list of scents here.

What You should know... STORE BOUGHT SOAPS! 

DIAL, DOVE, etc.

Many of the so-called soaps you see nowadays in stores are not actually soaps, but rather detergents, or "deodorants".
They cannot even be called soap.
These products are made from synthesized chemicals and are very harsh on the skin.
What's really out there…
These synthetic bars and other body washes are full of fragrances and chemicals.

One of these commonly found in many body washes and products Sodium Laureth sulfate.
SLES has been shown to produce eye or skin irritation in experimental animals and in some human test subjects.




WHY would you cleanse it with harsh chemicals?


Belizean Breezes uses NO harsh chemicals or detergents

and NO ANIMAL products or animal



We use only 100 % all-natural ingredients

made from only the finest of oils.

Who KNEW??
          Triclosan      IT’S IN YOUR SHOWER GEL!       


     The antibacterial agent added to many liquid hand and body gel soaps to help kill germs. Triclosan  is suspected of contributing to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. 

       Triclosan Can Transform Into Something Even More Dangerous

Here's something else you may not know about that innocent-looking bottle of liquid hand soap sitting next to your sink.

When triclosan mixes with the chlorine in your tap water, chloroform is formed, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified as a probable human carcinogen. 


        And when combined with other disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in your tap water, this chloroform can raise the concentration of dangerous trihalomethanes (THMs) above the EPA's maximum allowable amount.

Trihalomethanes (THMs) are Cancer Group B carcinogens, meaning they've been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Disinfection byproducts (DPBs) have also been linked to reproductive problems in both animals and humans.

        Not only do you absorb them into your skin, but these antimicrobial chemicals also flow down your drain, contaminating the environment and food chain.

So, let me ask you… do you really want to put triclosan, SLS, parabens, dioxane, DEA, toluene, synthetic fragrances, and propylene glycol (along with other chemicals we haven't even talked about here) on your skin?



Soap Science

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About Belizean Breezes

My family and I moved to the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, Belize over 10 years ago after visiting non-stop and falling in love with the people the culture, and the island lifestyle.

It was actually on the third trip that we decided to move our business to the island and we began making plans to do so. For almost 18 years making soaps was a favorite stress reliever for me. I’ve never wanted to wash my body with ingredients that were bad for me, could absorb through my skin, and cause problems as I aged, AND were actually aging my skin and face!

After years of research and classes both in-person and online and of course making our great list of items, I perfected what we feel is the perfect blend for our soaps, scrubs, and facial line. In 2019 we expanded further with the help of a great chemist and skincare team in the U.S. our products are perfect for any skin type and the fight against aging. Using only all-natural products, I feel confident that I am not adding anything to my skin and body that I wouldn’t wash my family or any of my children or grandchildren with!

​ Once you realize that you can be “brainwashed” by the big name skincare companies who bombarded us with ads designed to make us buy their products with CLAIMS to rejuvenate, exfoliate and soften the skin all with the use of HARMFUL CHEMICALS, you too will know that finding the perfect combination of natural products for your skin to be a top priority.

We ship all over the United States and Canada and have a fully operational online store handled by some great helpers in the U.S. 

​I know that you will find the same enjoyment in our products as we do and you too will both SEE and FEEL the difference!

 I hope to see you on one of your visits!

L.Perdue, Owner-Creator

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Belizean Breezes Soap Co.

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