It's HERE!

We are so excited to be able to offer to you a complete line of all natural, healthy facial products for BOTH men and women!

We are expanding our skin care line for BOTH men and women as well as expanding our HAIR line!,

"PERFORM" Healthy Skin by Belizean Breezes has been born!

All products are added to the SHOP tab under FACIAL Products-PERFORM.

IN ADDITION, Look for a NEW TAB titled, " JUST DA' HAIR" This will be expanding as well filled with great surprises.

As we add our new product line, the older line will slowly go away. 

We are committed to using natural, nontoxic ingredients . We have done our due diligence while creating our products. We know exactly what's in our products and what they will do for your skin.
Safety and cleanliness are two of the most important things to us here at Belizean Breezes and for those of you who have visited our stores, you have no doubt read the funny signs yet serious in nature about "NO testing" and "NO sticking fingers in jars". For good reason.
As the creator of our wonderful products there are a few more that I would like to introduce but first I'd like to take a minute and explain WHY this long notice.
My husband and I watched a Netflix documentary titled, "Broken" and the first episode was all about the cosmetics industry. Many of you may think that the term cosmetics pertains only to "make-up" product's. Not the case, it can pertain to all of ours as well. With that being said we were given a real eye opener to the massive amounts of UNSAFE CONTERFIT goods being sold on Amazon, Online in general and Ebay. These products were much LESS in cost thus you think you are saving money when in fact you are buying a fake product with NO quality control and no safe ingredients being used. Most of these items on Amazon were not coming from the actual cosmetic company but by third party sellers originating in China and the results were burns to face, lips, eyes to name a few. Moisturizers burning skin and even NAME BRANDED makeup pallets being fake and filled with animal feces ( yes poop) and more. *** PLEASE take the time to watch the Netflix program and educate yourself! We were disgusted and outraged.


Our products are not tested on animals. we do not use animal byproducts nor do we test on our on furry little friends! We buy NOTHING from China!
To add even more to the surprise, after a full year of endless meetings and lack of sleep, We are now in the manufacturing stage for our new mineral based, anti-aging makeup as we speak. Please watch for it very soon! I love it!

HEALTHY Skin care! The way it should be!  Use the SHOP Tab then choose PREFORM
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