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OMG!!! I was in heaven!!! I am a natural person and don't use any products that have preservatives or chemicals in my soaps, shampoos, or other items. The owner was terrific and explained all of the products to us. I purchased 10 bars of soap. The lavender, coconut mojito, and white tea/ginger soaps smell HEAVENLY!! I also bought their all-natural insect repellant (STAY AWAY from the DEET people!), sunscreen, and after-sun care. I am so thankful for toxin-free products and business owners who are so caring! I also found out that they ship to the US! I will continue to order from Belizean Breezes and will be a customer for life.


2 locations and I checked out both. The owner is a super fun gal and the store had so many great items! I got soaps, face cleanser, bug spray, lip balm, and scent sticks. So glad to know I can order from a website when not in Belize!


 Found this store and loved everything in it. The salesperson was so nice and helpful. I brought a little of everything home to try. My son went with us this year and absolutely loved the jar of CLEAR I bought him. He finished his and he stole my jar and begged me to order him some for Christmas. He said it really helped his acne prone skin. I placed an order for 3 jars of CLEAR and 2 of the coal solid soap for him. He's going to be so happy! My order arrived 13 days after I placed it...all the way to St. Louis, MO. They even threw in a free bath bomb, which only partially made it here whole; but I blame customs and the post office for that. Nice gesture. Love their products. Love their service. We will be back when we go to Caulker again next summer. I will definitely place more orders online until then!


We have been ordering from Belizean Breezes for over 5 years now and I see no need to order from anywhere else. Satisfied with everything all the time! They do what they say and are very honest. Lifetime customer for sure!

REVIEW LEFT BY Str8ghtrnb:

This is by far the smoothest, most moisturizing, best scented lotion for the body I have ever used. This will be the only product I will use. A jar last about one month with daily use and about two if used sparingly. I bought two jars and it lasted about five months and I reordered through the Belizean Breezes online site and it was so easy and it arrived within a few days. I recommend for anyone looking to feel rest using this product.

Belizean Breezes Soap Co.

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