Robyn O.

Belizean Breezes has the best skin, face, and body products ANYWHERE! As someone who loves shopping for beauty and body products, I have spent hours in Ulta, Sephora, and even subscribed to IPSY, but none of these places came close to providing the QUALITY products that Belizean Breezes has to offer. I love their face care products! "PURIFY VC" AND Perform Anti-Aging Moisturizer are AMAZING, and the Microderm Facial Polish is a MUST! Make sure you also try the "BENEFIT" Green Tea Facial Scrub it makes your face feel like you got home from the spa. The candles at Belizean Breezes make the perfect gift, but good luck resisting the temptation to light them and keep them for yourself. The body butters and foaming shower butters are luxurious and smell incredible. Seriously, I love everything that I have purchased from Belizean Breezes. Like the country of Belize, Belizean Breezes does not disappoint.

Deborah E.

Wonderful products and amazing customer service! They aim to please with both product and customer satisfaction!

Especially like the facial products

Lucious, yummy, good for you.....and sparks a NEED for everything they have! Made with love and no harmful ingredients or harm to environment or creatures; I couldn't ask for more! PAMPER YOURSELF....give EVERYTHING a try, I HAVE!!!!

Brent A.

We buy copious amounts of soaps and other items each time we visit, better products than Bath & Body Works! We LOVE it.

Great products and a beautiful shop. I love the shampoo soaps - they smell heavenly and really lather up. I bought several of them as gifts

Carol N.

Great products, fabulous owners! I purchased several products to share with friends and them all. Monkey Farts advertisement enticed me into the much great stuff...

just got my order and love all of it. thanks!!

Meredyth M.

I purchased several items  Charcoal facial bar, shampoo bar, and the soap-loaded sponge. My skin feels so nourished, and squeaky clean with no oily residue, with all 3 products. Already planning to place an order when I start to run low - but they're lasting longer than I anticipated. And did I mention they all smell wonderful?

Madison S.

Judy A.

DeEtta K.

Belizean Breezes Soap Co.

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